Friday, June 27, 2008

Photos And Events
I told ya'll there would be a lot of pictures this week. Here’s another snap from my weekly narcissism date with Monk at the shmancy tanning salon.

I think my ribcage looks weird in this shot - like I have an extra boob or something. However, I am assured that other people will like it.
In the name of gender parity, I will mention that there’s a also naked picture of Monk in the “moderated” Flickr stream. (You won't see any naked ones if you're not signed in.)

Have a lovely weekend, and also, it's Gay Pride weekend here in Seattle, so Happy Pride Day!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's a Two-Fer Thursday: the new Stranger column, about how much I hated working at Rick's and a special piece, about how much I hated being legally married. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So, I haven't posted photos of the evil things that I do for a while, it seems like it's time. Some of you will love them, some of you will flinch and say "Ew!" And none of you you should look at them at work. Big Needles and Many Clothespins. (This second one has boy-bits in it, so don't go if looking at those frightens you.

Please note: these images are a bit too aggressive for the Flickr stream. So I put them up on Photobucket, where I imagine they'll get pulled within a couple of hours. But that's okay - when I get home later today to my desktop computer, I will relocate them to my own webspace. I just don't have my FTP software installed on my laptop.

On the topic of photos: also be aware that if you're checking the Flickr stream, there are images you won't see unless you're signed in to a Flickr account. Those are the "moderate" images. Only the really tame ones get shown to non-signed-in people.

Want something entirely non-sexual, silly, and work-safe? I have a video clip of me vacuuming my cat. I'm serious. My pals didn't believe me, so I made a video clip. (My cat is so old now that she's deaf, and thus she doesn't mind the noise.) I made it with my new little Flip video cam, which is being great fun. 30 seconds, has sound.