Saturday, March 06, 2004


Yeah, I know I said I was dieting. Shut up. Don't make me have to hurt you....

Friday, March 05, 2004

Shoes! Shoes! I love new shoes. New boots, to be exact. We're in the pre-leathercon shopping phase, because Kinkfest is only three weeks away!

We're also in the pre-leathercon strict-diet-and-excercise phase, which is less fun, but also crucial. So now I have to get out of this chair and go to the gym. Watch me struggle to contain my mad enthusiasm...

So my editor at The Stranger emailed today and asked me to write a review of The Passion Of Christ. I didn't have any particular interest in the movie, but I'm always interested in doing more writing, so I called Jaelle and we went to go see it together.
I'll post a link to the review when it's published, but my initial reaction is : eeuw. I've seen Braveheart, so I knew Mel Gibson had a blood fetish, but - whew. Seriously gory.
And not a particularly affecting movie, either. I mean, I was raised Catholic, so I know the backstory, but really, once you leave the theatre, it doesn't stay with you, because you don't get to know Mel's Jesus. (Or his Mary, or anybody else. You get a snippet of Pontias Pilate, but only a snippet.)
So my grade: C. It's filmed beautifully, and someone did a one HELL of a job on Jesus's body makeup. And it's sort of interesting as a cultural touchpoint. But it's a nine-days-wonder.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

So I went to a financial-planning seminar last night that was packed full of older-wealthy-establishment types. The speaker was talking about investment strategies, particularly in the stock market. Then he mentioned how presidential elections affect the stock market. One person asked, "How do the different types of administrations affect the stock market?" He answered, "Historically, the stock market does better under the Democrats."
I could see that some of the audience was surprised by that answer and I thought, Hah, there's another couple of votes for Kerry...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

So it looks like I'll be voting for John Kerry for President in November. Of course, I'd vote for Jack Black if they ran him against The Shrub, I'm a member of the ABB Party - "Anyone But Bush".

But I like Kerry well enough, and I hope he taps John Edwards for VP. I think Edwards would make a good president - eight years from now. He seems a little young yet.

Come on, November! God, I want GWB outa that house!

Monday, March 01, 2004

Okay, the "Comment" feature is back...Of course, I lost all the old comments. Grrr. Oh well, off to work...


Damn, damn, damn- I tried to make some changes and my 'puter I'll have to re-do all the modifcations and re-add the Comment feature...Oh well, look for that back in a day or two....

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Sigh. Some days just don't go like you'd planned them. I hate that.

Today I am sitting down in front of the keyboard and I am writing. I have many many things to write and I will NOT be distracted, do you hear me? I have a diet Mountain Dew, I have a bowl of strawberries, I have the space heater keeping my office a happy 78 degrees, the phone is turned off, my email is caught short, no excuses. Write.