Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Images From Folsom

I sent pictures to Dan Savage and he posted some of them yesterday in the Slog, with commentary, so you can see them and read his thoughts there.

But here’s a few more…

A band of fabulously pink people. I think I want a zentai suit.

A single-tail in action at the Society of Janus booth.

I love happy naked people prancing around in the street. This guy seemed so cheerful.

This man, on the other hand, had a rather serious demeanor. He has clearly spent a lot of money on this gorgeous, butter-soft, piss-yellow cop uniform. And the biceps were quite impressive, too, although one suspects that there’s some chemistry at work there. Still, the fellow looking at him seems to approve.

I’m not sure what exactly the persona is here, but this gentlemen seemed to be enjoying himself.

And one of Monk, looking all fag daddy with his cee-gar.

Speaking of playing at different sexual orientations...I didn't take this picture, but I just want to note that here that, upon seeing me, the delicious gay man on the right, Titan star Tony Buff, vaulted across the table and lifted me up in his arms, so that I had to wrap my legs around his waist. And then he pumped his hips. Oh my. I do like inspiring that kind of response in a man.

But I'm sure that's just Tony's way of saying, "Oh, hi, Matisse, nice to see you."

As I laughed, I said, "Tony, every woman here hates me right now, you know that." And he grinned back and said, "Oh, Matisse, you make me feel so...straight."

"Could you hold onto that thought for, say, an hour or so, Tony? You could go back to being gay again afterwards."