Friday, April 21, 2006

Hey, Blogger is back up, cool! Here's this week's column and calendar. Now I have a hot date with my hairdresser, so - Happy Friday, everyone. Bye!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Okay, ready to find out how well you guessed? Here we go.

AA Model 1
Yep, sold this one, even though one of my strobes didn’t fire half the time, totally screwing up some of the shots. Slide film is not a forgiving medium. So not my best work by any means, and I’m sure they had to tweak the images a lot, but she just had a look they liked: very all-American, slim, long hair, kind of a Jennifer Garner type.

AA Model 2
No. She was actually my first shoot, and they didn’t like the couch/floor setting, said it was too boring. They were right - it wasn’t very good. But jeeze, look at the abs on that girl, and such a nice smile, too. She was extremely – ahem - enthusiastic about the more intimate parts of the shoot, too, really got into it.

AA Model 4
Oh yeah. They thought she was great. Who wouldn’t? She’s lovely. And no, that’s not Sarah Blake, although this girl had done a fair amount of modeling and it’s not impossible you’ll see her somewhere else online.

AA Model 6
No, they declined. She’s only model I ever took a chance and booked a shoot with sight-unseen, because she worked at a strip club, and I thought, okay, she has to be cute. And she is, definitely – but when I saw her, I had a feeling they’d decline. They didn’t like the Goth/alternative thing, and they felt she was just a little too curvy for NN - although of course she’s too slim for the voluptuous girls mags. Caught in the middle. But she had such amazing, glamorous eyes and a sexy energy that I thought it was worth a try.

AA Model 7
No, they turned her down without really saying why. I was surprised, I thought she had a great, sort of gawky/adorable young girl look. But the weird thing is: I found out later she’d already been in one of the Hustler “young girl” magazines! So maybe they recognized her and didn’t want to present her as an amateur.

AA Model 10
Yes. They loved her. (Which why I was baffled by them declining Stevie, who I think has a very similar look.) And this lady has actually gone on to be quite the busy porn model. I’m fairly sure I was one of the first to shoot her, though, and that tickles me.

AA Model 12
Yep. I had her do a cute bathtub scene shaving her legs…and et cetera, and they liked that. I think this model has a lovely, Bambi-like quality on camera, which is amusing since in real life, she’s not the delicate, vulnerable type at all. She’s sweet and all, but oooh, don’t piss her off. Nosiree. I was at a club with her and a bunch of other people, and some stupid guy was being rude and physically intrusive, and Bambi-girl here turned around and ripped him a new one just like that. He slunk away and we all went “Wow.”
(Bonus points if you recognized this model from my fetish video, Inflamed, which was her first first adult modeling experience ever. She was great. )

So now you’ve played photo editor. If any of you ever start your own porno mag and want me to shoot for you, you just let me know. I’m good at getting women to take their clothes off for me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Porn Shoots, Part II

Okay, here’s the game. These are all models I shot for a porn mag. Some of them sold, some of them didn’t. To give you better odds, I’ll show you two images of each model. You submit your guesses and Wednesday I’ll reveal the facts.

A clue: do not be misled by what you think is the technical quality of the photo. For one thing, as I said yesterday, my scanner isn’t very good, and my Photoshop skills are fairly basic. A set is 180-200 transparencies, and the magazine often uses only half a dozen of them. If they like the model and the concept, they can almost always find 6 shots and magically tweak them, no problem.

One last remark: bear in mind that these women are real people, with feelings, and it’s not impossible that they might come upon their picture and your comments about them. So be polite.

With two exceptions (because they're just too beautiful) I have elected not to put any of the more revealing pictures here. But nonetheless, as usual: Not Work Safe!

AA Model 1, and 1a

AA Model 2, and 2a

AA Model 4 and 4a

AA Model 6 and 6a

AA Model 7 and 7a

AA Model 10 and 10a

AA Model 12 and 12a

Monday, April 17, 2006

Porn shots I couldn’t sell….

I was looking through the stack of porn magazines that I have work in the other day. (And by that I mean, photos I’ve taken, not photos I’ve modeled for.) I miss shooting, and I had a pretty good little system going for a while with finding amateur girlie-porn models, shooting them, and selling the sets to one particular magazine that specialized in amateur ladies. "Naughty Neighbors"- isn't that a great name for a magazine? It's so British-sounding, somehow. Even the total newbies felt comfortable working with me, a female photographer, and I found it an interesting sideline to being the Mistress.

But my luck took a turn for the worse when NN got a new art director, because after that, they began to inexplicably reject about a third of the sets I’d done. Since I was just a freelancer, this would leave me stuck footing the bill a model fee and the processing costs for five rolls of film. Not like I was going to starve to death, but annoying, because having shot it according to their particular guidelines, I had nowhere else to go with it.

Sometimes I knew a model was a gamble when I shot her, but sometimes I was completely mystified as to why they would turn down a certain girl.

(Note: Pictures not work safe, obviously. Also, these are scans of slide film, and my scanner is only so-so. Just saying.)

Take this girl: Elizabeth. Okay, yeah, she’s got a few tattoos, but jesus, she had a tiny little waist and beautiful (real) breasts, and she’s a natural redhead. I was knocked out when they said “No thanks”.

And Danielle – slim, long hair, and unshaved, everywhere – that’s a whole little fetish in itself.

Kendra: another petite, eighteen-year-old cutie declined. Inconceivable!

It was when they turned down Stevie that I decided to quit. Slim, blonde, big breasts, I shot her splashing around in a kiddie pool, and they said no? I just had to go back to a universe where things made sense again. See, that’s one of the good things about being a writer: if an editor says no, you can always rewrite it and send it somewhere else.