Friday, February 16, 2007

I haven’t written much this week, have I? I’ve been so busy – lots happening earlier this week, and then I spent Wednesday and Thursday with Max.

One evening we had tickets for the show Buddy, which is a musical based on the life/music of Buddy Holly. It was charming and fun, I enjoyed it. The amusing thing was that we went to dinner at Ruth’s Chris beforehand, and the host there was totally doing a Buddy Holly look. He had the glasses and the hairstyle, the jacket and skinny tie, he even had the build and a slight facial resemblance. We wondered, Does this guy do this all the time – like, it’s his look? Or is this just keyed to the show? You don’t see straight guys – and he definitely seemed straight – doing an on-purpose look so often. (Although some guys certainly do.) And among Ruth’s Chris servers in their plain dark suits, he stood out.

Whatever his reason, he was very attentive to us, checking in on us regularly and bringing us (complimentary) drinks after dinner. I’ve always liked Ruth’s Chris and now I want to go back there another time soon and see if he’s still dressed the same way.

We had a lovely evening, very relaxed. (Mostly. There were moments of delightful tension.) This is a contrast to how our next visit will be. In March, Max is taking me down to San Francisco to model for photographer Craig Morey.

This is a very big deal to me. Very big. Ever since I was just a little baby model/photographer, I have thought Craig Morey’s work was amazing. If had asked me what photographer I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said instantly, “Craig Morey.” His work is so deceptively simple, but when you shoot yourself, you learn how really hard it is to get the light and the shadow and the angles all just so. Those photos don’t just happen, they are built, and I love them.

And I sort of can’t believe I’m going to pose for this guy. He is so cool, and he is going take amazing pictures of me! And when I meet him, I have to make sure I don’t act like a total idiot fangirl, and jump around waving my hands and saying “Omigod, omigod, you’re Craig Morey!” Since he actually knows that already, and while he’s well-known and admired in certain circles, I’m guessing most of the time he just walks around in the world feeling like a normal non-famous person. Very occasionally people act like this when they meet me, and while it’s sort of sweet, I am always thinking: What? What are you all excited about? Who, me? No, I’m just this girl… Because I generally think of myself as a normal non-famous person. So I’m determined to be cool. Mostly. Maybe a little gushing and wiggling.

Meanwhile, I am working out like a crazy woman, getting even more toned for this shoot, and if you see me the week before I leave you should be afraid, because I will be on the very-low-carb Photo Shoot Diet, and while it works like a charm for short-term water loss, it makes me a bit bitchy. So I’ll look extra-great, but I’ll be extra-mean. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

But I’m not bitchy today…and I’m going to go spend some time kissing Max.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yes! Due to several cool things that I made happen today with my talent, imagination, and sheer force of will, I am feeling like a Rock Star of Perviness. Hell, yeah! I am fist-pumping the air like a redneck at a monster truck rally.
Yeah. A good day. Now just for balance, go read all about a moment where I wasn't quite so cool.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I’m writing a column and window-shopping at the same time…

Is this not the cutest dress? Pucci! I would so wear this, but they don’t seem to have it in my size. And, oh, there’s the minor matter of it being twelve hundred dollars. Ouch!

But as long as we’re pretending money is no object, there’s Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana, and more Versace.

This Jean Paul Gaultier dress is pretty and I'm trying to buy more non-black dresses. But please tell me why she's wearing that thing on her head? It makes her look like a chemotherapy patient.

And I love this JPG outfit,too. It's sort of sexy-schoolmarm meets film noir femme fatale.

Another great little non-black dress. It's the perfect cut for me, and I look great in that color. Not absolutely positively out of my price range, either.

I would so wear this Zac Posen dress. It's adorable.

What I'm more likely to actually buy: this Miss Sixty dress, in red. With black fishnets and knee high boots, a cute early-spring go-out-dancing dress.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I had a weekend jam-packed with nice things...
For example, this box of deliciousness arrived at my door. Wolford, w00t!
I went to a great party where I got to see (and take photos of) some lovely kinkiness. Like this with Monk and a very cute (and scrappy!) boy. It was a very hot scene, so Kirk-and-Spock! All the women at the party were gathered around watching the action with great pleasure. At least, those who weren’t tied up somewhere else.
I have video clips too, but I’ll give them to Monk and he and his rope buddy can sort out what’s okay to post. I think there will be more photos over on his blog, though.
To quote a ruffled-panty-wearing friend of mine: “My life, she does not suck.”