Monday, November 19, 2007

Pictures, And Some Words

I'm working on some other writing today, so meanwhile, be entertained by the newest column, and some photos...

Craig Morey has put up a gallery of me on his membership site, from the shoot we did several months ago.

I'm both extremely flattered and sort of horrified at the same time, because of course I look at photos of myself and think, Oh, I should have pulled my shoulder back instead of forward there, and tilted my head differently, et cetera. But I know I'm not objective and everyone else seems to like them, so there you go.

Also, because you asked: A couple of snapshots of me in my pretty dresses... Herve Leger, in the suite at the Phonecian. And a shot of me at a party, in the bronze-gold sequin dress. I'm not sure how Max managed it, but amazingly, I have neither a glass of champagne in my hand, nor a stun gun, nor a surgical stapler. Those were all features of that evening, which explains why I look so happy.

And I modeled for my sweetheart Monk, for his new Twisted Monk apparel.

He's got new steel toys and a DVD of easy-to-follow instructional videos, too. Please, bondage-lovers, for my sake, start your Xmas shopping early. Santa's workshop has nothing on the Abbey when it comes to holiday madness!