Thursday, December 20, 2007

Before I go further, yes, commenting is off right this second, there’s some issues there, hopefully it’ll be back up soon…

So, my feature piece in The Stranger is out. It’s so different, writing a longer piece. With the column, it’s fairly quick and dirty – what you read is pretty often exactly what I wrote. Occasionally changes are made, but usually not. There was a much longer writing/submitting/editing/rewriting cycle with this piece, and even so, my editor had final say of what ran. That’s probably for the best. Every writer needs an editor, even though we hate it. We think poetry flows from our pen like liquid silver and that it should be unstained by any other human hand. But that’s why we have blogs. For any other type of publication, the dispassion and discipline of another set of eyes is a necessary thing.

Until comments are back up, you are welcome to email me with feedback.

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