Saturday, February 19, 2005

Okay, I'll tell. Several of you did guess, or reason it out, correctly. There is just one model - me.

I did this self-portrait by putting two long skinny mirrors into a V-shape, I arranged myself with my feet in the point of the V, I reached out and hit the shutter button (with the ten-second-timer already engaged), and then I arranged my head and arms. There are so many of me because the mirrors are reflecting both the original me and the reflections of me, if that makes sense.
I had no idea exactly what this shot would look like, but I figured it would be interesting. The lights were brighter than I'd wanted, but it kinda worked out okay.
Taken in 2001, I believe, with the Nikon digital.

I think there will be a post later today about the next challenge for The Weakest Kink contestants, and you should check Roman's blog for updates on who we kicked off the island.

But I am planning on spending some quality time at the gym this afternoon, before going and being all sexy tonight - to someone else's financial benefit, for a change. Not only will I be in The Kissing Booth this evening, Max got a last-minute plea to be in The Bondage Booth. All this at The Kinky Carnival - so drop by, get tied up by him and smooched by me, between 8pm-10pm.

Also, for your reading pleasure: The newest column and the Kink Calendar are up...

Friday, February 18, 2005

Visual puzzle for the day: How many models are in this photo?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ring Ring!

Me: Hello?
Caller: Is this Mistress Matisse?
Me: Yes, it is.
Caller: Well, Mistress, I just wanted to apologize to you. I mean, you don't know me, I live in Texas - but I feel I've been very disrespectful of you.

Hmmnn….I have a feeling this guy's about to launch into some kind of emotional manipulation game. I tend to chew through such attempts like Pac-Man chewed through those little balls, but let's give him the traditional thirty seconds to see where he takes it.

Me: I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.
Caller: Well, you know your website? I found it a few months ago, and I've been looking at it a lot ever since. At the pictures of you, I mean. And, (pauses) I've been…I've been…thinking inappropriate thoughts.

I don't say anything.

Caller: I mean, sexual thoughts. About you, Mistress. I know that's very wrong of me. I know you wouldn't want me to do that, it's very disrespectful.

I still don't say anything. I see what he's doing – he wants me to scold him and tell him what a bad, bad boy he is. But I didn't consent to this little scene, and I'm damn sure not getting paid for it. So I'm simply not going to give him the response he's hoping for.

Me: Mmmmnnn.
Caller: And Mistress, I have to confess something else. I didn't just think…I, I touched myself. I mean, I stroked myself. My penis, I mean.

Oh, well, that's a huge shock, now isn't it? Imagine, someone masturbating to pictures on the internet. Who knew such things happened?
Frankly, I don't care if this guy is wanking off to my pictures every ten minutes. They're supposed to get people excited, that's why they're there. I don't care if his keyboard is so sticky that he types the entire alphabet every time he touches a key. But I'm not interested in hearing about it, and he's clearly not going to stop of his own accord, so it's time to wrap this up.

Me: You know what? This whole conversation is inappropriate. You need to stop talking to me about this, and –
Caller: Oh, Mistress, I'm so sorry! I've offended you, I'm such a bad boy, please, Mistress, I'm so sorry!
Me: Stop talking! I'm going to hang up, and I don't want you to call me again.
Caller: Mistress, please, I'm sorry –
Click. I hang up.

Jesus, I hope this doesn't catch on. If everyone who's ever jacked off to a picture of me calls to tell me about that, my cell minutes are going to go through the roof.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This and that...

This seems like poetic justice somehow: Prostitution Vigilante Hooked For Pimping. What an asshole. (Link snagged via Daze Reader)

Interesting "Poly Contract" written up by one couple. Max and I definitely don't do everything the way they do – which is only to be expected. But this piece would certainly provide some food for discussion in any couple considering poly.

The Stranger is looking for a woman to blog about her sex life - and they'll pay you. But only for a month.

And speaking of sexy blogs, the intrepid Candy Girl did indeed post about her recent scene with Max.

Not kinky but interesting: From Gawker Media, the site LifeHacker, which promises to, "saucily decipher the latest in personal productivity technology and reveal the million ways hardware and software can improve our busy lives." God knows I could use some help, given that I'm only modestly techie.

Oh, a social note for the Seattle folks. Want to kiss me? I'll be in the Kissing Booth at the Wild At Heart Kinky Carnival this Saturday from 8-10pm. Check out the website for more details…

...Addendum: Rossi has posted her half of the double-suspension story...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Great class this weekend. Great party last night. And I'm hoping someone else blogs about Max's double-inverted-suspension scene, so I can be lazy and just link to it, because the last two days have been completely non-stop, and I'm feeling rather weary.
Now it's Monday again, and I've got a busy day at the dungeon, and then a date with a treadmill at Gold's, and then, hopefully, a short romantic interlude with Max, before I start working on the Stranger column. Now, I generally regard "Valentine's Day" as nothing but crassly commercialist crap, cooked up by Madison Ave to sell useless, tacky chatchkes. I don't need Hallmark to tell me when to feel lovey-dovey, thankyouverymuch.
But romantic interludes with Max are always a good thing. However, that means no long post today. Perhaps tomorrow - if I'm feeling caught up with my life.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

A shot from a bondage demo, Seattle, 2001 – James Mogul of with a lovely model, Gwen. (Sorry, I've totally forgotten what camera I shot this with, or even if it was a digital or a film capture. Whoops.)

Today, Sunday, is Day Two of the Bondage Intensive, and this is what Max is going to teach people how to do today – Suspension Bondage. Suspension is pretty big-deal bondage, and it's one of those BDSM activities where - unlike, say, hand-spanking someone over your knee - if you fuck up, it's possible to hurt someone quite badly. The stakes are high, so you need to know what you're doing. Hence, a two-day class.

Yesterday, Day One, we spent from nine am to six pm laying the groundwork, so to speak, for this. We started with the rope bondage basics, and moved on through some solid intermediate skills. It was indeed pretty intense - for me at least, because Max and I had to be up at six am Saturday to get ready and go load into the space and be all set up by eight-thirty.

Now, I'm not a morning person even when we're talking, say, eight or nine o'clock. Six freakin' am? In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna: I thought I was gonna die! But we did it, and I think the first day went well. Max's classes always incorporate both lecture and hands-on practice, and people seemed to understand and absorb what he was saying and have fun practicing.

We had a ton of yummy food from the great guys at Feeding Frenzy, which is always a good thing. (And if you're a foodie, check out co-owner Dan McGlothlen's food and cooking blog at that site.) And the space, Studio 120 ,worked out well, too.

But both Max and I were running on about four hours of sleep, because of course we were up late Friday night preparing everything. And while Max can actually function okay with a sleep deficit, I really can't. By about 4:30 pm, the only way I could keep my eyes from drooping was to keep moving around, or at least be standing up. This was after drinking a Rock Star, too. Jesus. We went home at six and I collapsed.

So that wasn't quite perfect, but it was still cool, as it always is, to meet new people interested in rope bondage and watch them get all happy about leaning new stuff they can use. And of course a bunch of my friends were there: Jake, Malixe, Pilot, Silk and her husband, and Liss and Griffin. (Who came extra-early to set up chairs for us. Thanks a bunch, you two.) Roman and his wife also showed up in the morning to sell rope, so I got to give him a quick smooch, too. I also enjoyed chatting with Jake's red-headed friend A., who's quite new to the scene - although I'm sure I was getting a little punchy by the time I talked to her. It was late in the day - God only knows what I said to the poor girl.

But after a good night's sleep, I'm planning on being much perkier today. It's a shorter day, only 1pm to 5pm – but then there's the Bondage Party at the Wet Spot. Max has promised Candy Girl and Rossi to do an adventurous scene with them, so I'm looking forward to seeing that! A lovely end to a non-stop weekend…