Friday, October 30, 2009

I am so insanely busy for the next few days that thoughtful, intelligent blogging - well, that's right out the window. I can keep up with Twittering. But otherwise: lower your expectations, people.

And you know the old saying - "If you can't say anything nice, then make fun of other people." So I will. Here, for example, is the complete and unedited text of a recent email.

i was wanting to know iu tape ur sessions if so can u do 1 on webcam

Fail. Number one: typos, which we all make, me included. But come on, it's one lousy line, you can proofread that!

Number two: netspeak, which I hate. I am especially annoyed by the bastardization of "u" for you and "ur" for your. Those abbreviations are appropriate in one, and only one, type of communication. That is: a letter that's wrapped around a rock, and which will be delivered by throwing it through a window.

Okay, maybe one more - they are acceptable for a ransom note that's composed of cut-out letters from a newspaper. Otherwise - wrong, wrong, wrong.

Number three, and the real crux of it: I have no idea what he's asking me. Is he asking me if I will tape a session with another guy and let him watch? (No.) Or is he asking me if I'll do a session with him, via webcam? (No.)

Now... I am trying to think of a cute ending line for this post - and I'm failing. Perhaps it's a sign that I should not be so hard on other people's writing. Or perhaps it means that sometimes, I'm a better disciplinarian than a writer. Luckily I can live with that.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Occasionally people tell me they miss the "stupid phone calls" posts. They were easy to write, god knows. But I don't miss actually having to answer those phone calls.

But here's an oldie-goldie from the vaults. Faithful long-term readers may remember the one and only Ryker Blackstar! Wonder how that House of Blackstar thing worked out?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm behind on my blogging... But this family visit has offered little free time, and even less privacy, until today. I’m sitting on the porch at my father’s place, feeling the seabreeze on my cheeks. My hair is curling into tendrils around my face because of the humidity, but the mid-seventies temperature is actually perfect.

My crazy schedule doesn’t end anytime soon. I’m home late Wednesday the 28th, and then a few days after that, I leave again for another visit to Las Vegas. So I’m gone November 3rd to November 6th.

A little over a week later, I'm back to San Francisco. The details are still being worked out, but it looks like I’m flying down on November 15th to do a shoot with (I’ll talk more about that in another post.) As it stands, I am only intending to stay one night in San Francisco. If any of my intimate friends wanted to do a rendezvous there, I’d stay another night. Drop me a note and let me know.

Now I’m going to go wade in the ocean. It’s a little cool for swimming, and it’s been cloudy today as well. But still, it’s warm enough to dip my toes in the water.