Friday, December 21, 2007

A quick note before I dash off again...

Monk and I went to the midnight showing of Sweeney Todd last night. We enjoyed it tremendously. It’s a Tim Burton film, no doubt, it’s got that look to it. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter have great screen chemistry together. Neither of them are powerful singers, but who cares? Wow, lots of spurting blood, though. Having only seen the show onstage before, it was different to get the throat-cutting scenes up close and personal.

The theater was full, mostly of what looked like high-school drama enthusiasts, and they were so cute and so excited. I was a theatre geek myself, so I was charmed. I predict a sudden return to the Victorian look for goth guys - waistcoats and full-sleeved shirts. And I also expect to see a lot of boys sporting wavy black hair like a lion’s mane, with one pure white lock.

I continue to get good feedback about the Stranger article, perhaps I’ll do a sampling of emails next week. I got a bit of blog-love from Belle De Jour, and I have lost her email address, so Belle, let this serve as my thank-you.


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