Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Non-Professional Ladies

So I have a question for the ladies who are NOT sex workers. I want to know why do you choose not to do sex work.

I’m perfectly serious, and this is not rhetorical, I'm really looking for a thoughtful answer. I have a certain point of view on this and I’m going to write a column or something about it, and if you’d like to give me your views, please email me the answers to these questions. DO NOT post them here. If you do that, then they are “previously published” and I cannot as effectively publish them elsewhere.

Got that? Any answers in the comments box will not be considered for part of the article.

The Question: Have you ever seriously considered doing some form of sex work? To include: phone sex, webcam work, porn modeling/performing, bondage modeling, peep shows, jack shacks, exotic dancing, sensual touch/massage, professional domination or submission, and of course, having any form of direct sexual contact with other people for money in any context whatsoever. (If I’ve forgotten anything, let me know, because I probably mean that, too.)

If you did seriously consider it, but you did not do it, why not? Was it due to:
  • Fear of assault by client.
  • Fear of arrest.
  • Fear of STDs.
  • Fear of disapproval of other people – purely social/emotional.
  • Fear of disapproval of other people – loss of child custody, loss of traditional job, loss of housing situation, ect.
  • Lack of means/opportunity - ie, the peep show wasn’t hiring, you didn’t know how to set up a pay cam site, etc.
  • Made an attempt, and met with initial negative experience, changed mind.
  • Decided it was morally wrong.
  • Or some other reason?

Tell me about it, please… The email address is: MistressMatisse AT aol.com

And naturally, all information will be completely confidential. No real names will be published, no email addresses, no identifying details whatsoever.

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