Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Furniture Musings

Every Mistress needs nice furniture, and I'm very fond of the stuff I have. Just three really well-made basic pieces - the bondage chair, the bend-over bench, and this, my table. I don't like my dungeon to feel crowded, and I have found that most of the time, one doesn't really use the super-specialized pieces all that much. Stocks, for example. They look nice in porn pictures, but in real life, many people have a hard time staying bent over at the waist with no torso support. And I don't like any bondage position that relies on a fragile area like the throat as a lock-down point.

So I stay with what works for me. It makes me sad that the brilliant twisted man who built all my furniture has since hung up his carpentry hammer. It’s been about seven years since I commissioned my bondage table from Mr. Wood, and I love the piece, but it’s starting to show its age a bit.

I had it re-upholstered about a year ago and that helped. But eventually I’m going to need a new one, and I cannot imagine where I’m going to get one. I know exactly one kinky carpenter and she’s extremely busy.

And plus I’ll have to think about design. This one, as you see, has two inserts that come out. I wanted to be able to lay someone down on their stomach and still get access to the fun parts. Sometimes I lie on the floor and do CBT on boys from that angle. It’s more scary for them when not only can they not see what’s coming, they can’t even see me. Once I draped the bottom with fabric and had Jae hiding underneath there like an evil little sprite under a bridge. Wasn’t that boy startled when he saw me standing several feet away and felt…someone/something… touching his bits. It was delightful.

But perhaps something different for the next piece. I’ll often be playing and think, “Gee, I wish I could do X right now.” And I try to make notes about what I find myself wanting to do and design accordingly.

However, my next piece of bondage furniture will probably be a new addition: a stand-up frame. I have points in the ceiling to tie people's hands up to, but I want something against a wall. Not a St Andrews cross, I don’t care for those. A lattice-work frame, one heavy enough to take a real beating. If you’ll pardon the expression…

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