Monday, August 13, 2007

I had a mostly-lovely weekend. I spent a lot of Friday with Monk, and then Saturday night I went to a private party at a pal's house. Being a party-thrower myself, I do appreciate it when other people put out the time and energy to have their own, so I enjoyed myself.

It was also an an opportunity to wear a fabulous new dress - a white Herve Leger "bandage" dress. This dress has convinced me that Herve Leger has both talent and good business sense. With some designers, you try one of their outfits and think, "This dress is uncomfortable, it makes my figure looks stumpy, and the color gives me the complexion of a three-day-old corpse. Why would I spend money on this?"

Mr. Leger, however, knows how to make a woman's figure look good. Really good. And the stretchy knit is comfortable to wear, how amazing. My female friends told me how nice my dress looked, and my male friends told me how nice my ass looked, so that all worked out just like it should have.

I didn't really play at this party, being in a fairly mellow mood, but I watched some lovely scenes. Candy was also there, making like a trapeze artist on a bar hung from the ceiling. (Photos may follow, if I get permission to post them.) Jae showed up and brought me a little gift - she's always so thoughtful when she sees things she thinks I'd like.

Aren't they cute? And I'm glad no little mice will die in them. They'll serve a much happier purpose in my dungeon.

A handsome man was generous enough to try one of them on his nipple for me, and we agreed that the level of static pressure wasn't too bad. The smack when the spring was released, however, was noticeable. They'd work nicely on cocks or pussies, too. Jae refused to have one tried on her tongue, however.

So Saturday was lovely. Sunday, however, brought...some stressful news. But that's all I can say at the moment because it's actually not my news. More on that as information becomes public.

Edit: The information is now public. Monk had an accident on his motorcycle yesterday.