Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It’s nice when you have cute girls delivered, bound and gagged and blindfolded, to your door. It’s even nicer when cupcakes come with them.

Unfortunately UPS doesn’t provide this service. Last night Roman and I, with Griffin’s able and evil assistance, put Operation Abduction Scene into action. I had the easy part: wait at my dungeon for the victim to arrive, then be mean to her. No problem!

Roman and Griffin had to tie poor girl up, gag her, blindfold her, and stuff her (mostly) into a burlap sack. And then get her into the back of a car and get her over to my place, chuckling evilly and making Playfully Threatening Remarks at intervals.

Her partner was actually present the whole time, but she didn’t know it, as we kept her blindfolded the entire scene. I swear, Roman and Griffin and I should do one of those old-fashioned mystery radio shows. We love riffing off each other and throwing out red herrings. (“Holy Toldeo steel, Griffin, look at the size of that knife she’s holding! Jesus, she’s going to get blood everywhere.” Blindfolded and gagged bottom quivers and moans delightfully. “Hey Roman, do you think this one light bulb will be enough to scare all the rats away? You know how aggressive they are down here by the docks.” More moaning.)

Needless to say: no knife, no rats, no docks, and not very much blood. Just a few drops, really. She giggled through the gag the whole time we were sticking needles in her.

And the cupcakes? Fabulous. Trust Roman’s friends to cater their own scenes.

I’m sure there will be more about this on his blog, so do check for that. But a lovely little scene for me, definitely.

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