Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From March 1st until April 15th is traditionally an unpredictable time of year for ladies in the industry, and while I don’t have to fret about my year-end bottom line, I do have slower weeks. And this is looking like one of them.

So if you’ve been unable to get time with me, now would be a good time to try. If you are someone I know, I have time today until 5. (Why only guys I know? Because new guy + impulsive same-day appointment often = no show, in my experience.)

I also have time available tomorrow starting at 2pm or 3pm, or something in the evening, say, 7pm.

Thursday I have an appointment open from 5-6pm.

And Friday before five is open.

That’s all current as of this moment, but of course, the phone will ring soon, as it always does, and that’ll change. So carpe diem.

Oh, and by the way: Bill Napoli, Bill Napoli, Bill Napoli.

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