Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Geeze. Some twit just sent me an email accusing me of plagiarism. Only it's me that s/he thinks I'm plagiarizing.

You see, I've done writing and given interviews under other names - one of them being "Marcella" which is the name I used when I was a dancer. So this bird reads my column this week in The Stranger, which is about my first sugar daddy. They remember something else he/she has read. (I don't know the gender of my accuser, they didn't sign a name to the email.) They go pull my friend Erika Langley's book off the shelf and read me - as Marcella - telling the same story in only slightly different words. They decide that Marcella and Mistress Matisse can't possibly be the same person, and they send me (and my editor) an email accusing me of plagiarizing.

Good god...I mean, there are freaking pictures of me in the book! Yeah, I've changed - I'm seven years older, my hair is longer, and I'm slimmer - but my coloring and my face are the same. I'd hate to see this person trying to pick their mugger out of a police lineup...Bad visual skills.
So I wrote them back explaining their error to them, and I was more polite than I think they really deserve. We'll see if they apologize. I bet they don't...

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