Tuesday, March 16, 2004

All right, some small measure of my faith in humanity has been restored. She (for it was a she) did, indeed, apologize promptly when I told her that Mistress Matisse = Marcella. And, at my suggestion, she wrote to my editor retracting her accusation.
This the second time this has happened, though. And wow, it's very annoying. Both these people seemed so sure that I was NOT Marcella. Now as I see it, the intelligent person's thought process should go something like this: well, gee, Marcella and Matisse are both caucasian women with brown hair and brown eyes with a similar build and facial structure and they seem to be more or less the same age. They're both in the sex industry. Hmmn, maybe, just maybe it IS possible that they are the same freakin person.
And it's not like either person wrote to me and simply asked me if I was Marcella. No, they both just assumed they were right and wrote me (and my editor at the Stranger) snarky emails accusing me of plagiarism. Jump to conclusions much, people?

Sigh. Okay, okay, I'm over it, really. Just had to rant a little more...

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