Friday, September 17, 2010

Now and then, I get emails from kind readers saying, "Hey, isn't this your picture? Did you know this person had it on his/her site?" It's sweet of people to look out for me, and I really appreciate these notes. I have indeed had trouble with people who are not me using my image - this one in particular remains a favorite.

But the image someone told me about most recently - it's supposed to be where it is. My friend Malixe shot it some years ago, and I believe it was in the first Seattle Erotic Art Festival. The print from that show hangs prominently on the wall in the playroom of a man I know here in Seattle. When I go to parties at his house, I smile to see myself presiding over a room that has undoubtedly seen some very kinky activity.

Click here to see a larger version of "The Strap-on", as well as Malixe's other work. (Unless you're at work, in which case, click later.)

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