Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Skip this if you don’t want to read all about how wonderful my clients are. I don’t want to induce a diabetic moment in anyone...

So, I have lots of fabulous clients, and they all treat me well. (Or else they wouldn’t be my clients.) And how much I enjoy playing with them is not directly tied to the amount of money they spend. In my early years as a sex worker – especially as a dancer - I endured the company of many a well-heeled twit. So I know all about that.

However, I have a lot of guys who are extremely sweet and generous to me. They all rock.

But… today a special thank you must go out to Armani.

I’ve known Armani for a long time – in fact, Armani met me before I ever was Mistress Matisse. You see, back when I was still dancing/escorting, I was pals with a pro domme here in Seattle named Lady Rebekka. Rebekka was an extremely talented top, but she was a big girl, and one day she said to me, “The thing is, sometimes I just need a Barbie doll – you know, eye candy. Do you want to do some work for me?”

“As a dominant or as a submissive?”

She shrugged. “Both, if you want. A lot of guy would like to watch me top another girl. Nothing heavy, just a little slap and tickle.”

I was game. I was already kinky in my private life, and I trusted Rebekka.

So I worked with her here and there, and one afternoon she called me and said. “I know we haven’t done this before, but, I’ve got a guy – a nice guy, I’ve seen him before – and he’s looking for a cute girl who’ll take a spanking. Just with his hand, nothing too heavy. Will you do it?”

I thought about it. I am not really a masochist, and I usually hate impact play, it just annoys me. But the money was tempting, and I was curious. Pro subbing for real – what would that be like?

“Sure, why not,” I said.

That’s where I met Armani. He’s a switch, you see. I remember thinking that he was indeed a very nice guy, but that afternoon persuaded me that I shouldn’t plan a big career in professional submission. Talk about topping from the bottom! (No pun intended.)

So that was my first and last foray into pro-subbing. But a couple of years later I opened my dungeon door to a new guy and thought: hey wait, I’ve met you somewhere before… Armani recognized me too, and remembered me from Rebekka’s. We laughed about it, and we’ve been seeing each other ever since. So Armani can really say "he knew me when…"

Which makes it really sweet that he bought me this very generous gift in honor of Valentines Day.

It's nothing I would have dreamed of buying for myself, which makes it all the more delightful a gift. I’m very touched and slightly overwhelmed by it. So thank you, sharp-dressed man…

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One of the things I like about Seattle is how much cross-orientation BDSM play I see. By that I mean, people whose professed sexual orientation doesn’t dovetail with that of their play-partner. A straight man playing with a lesbian, or a gay man playing with a woman. I kid Monk about all the lesbians (and gay men) he’s done BDSM with, but I’ve played with a fair number of queer boys, too. It’s just cool to me that we don’t fuss so much about identities if we like someone.
Like Sunday night at the Wet Spot Bondage Party. I showed up, dressed to hang out and socialize, no toy bag, nothing. I had no plans to play. (I don’t play very much in public anymore.) When I got there, I saw that among my other friends, a gay-man pal of mine, JP, was there, with his cute blonde boy. (By which I mean: a young man. He’s over eighteen!)
We chatted a bit, and I wandered off, and when I turned around, JP had that same cute blonde boy was nicely suspended in a leather harness. JP is a leather-bondage kinda guy, and he’s got quite the collection of straps and rigs. So picture a boy hanging vertically in a harness that looks like it should have a parachute attached to the back of it. He was wearing leather pants, but his shirt was off.
I admired this from an appropriate distance, but then JP waved me over and invited me to poke and prod at his helpless boy a little. He’s generous that way. We both did so, making some playfully threatening remarks, and then JP said, “You know, this boy here, he’s never done needles.” He looked at me meaningfully. “I don’t really do needles.”
“Never done needles?” I said in astonished tones. “No! With this nice smooth skin? What a pity…”
“Did you bring any with you?”
“No,” I said thoughtfully. “No, I didn’t. But I could get some.”
“Oh, you think you could?”
I grinned at him and turned around on the spot. Raising my voice very slightly, I said, “Anyone got any needles I could borrow?”
Instantly a chorus of different voices answered me:
“Sure, I have some.”
“Oh yes, right here.”
“Yeah, what gauge you want?”
“Spinal tap or regular? I got some eighteens.”
Monk waved at me from his scene nearby. “Take my kit, babe.”
“I love this bloody, bloody town,” I said to JP, and went off to get Monk’s case of needles, gloves and alcohol wipes.
So I put a couple of needles in the virgin chest of that very sweet young gay man, and he seemed to like it pretty well. Even when I thumped on them and twisted them and pinched them. JP let another pretty woman do a little light knife-play with him, and that seemed to work well, too.
Just to round out the evening genderwise, I had to push Jae around a little. (Defined as: pin her to the floor, squeeze, twist and pull her labia as hard as I can, and then drive the point of my elbow into her pectoral muscle. With most of my body weight on it.) Hey, she taunted me. That’s consent to be hurt in my book. It’s nice having someone I know I can just leap upon with no noticeable negotiation/foreplay, and to feel confident that she’ll be fine. She’s just lucky I didn’t have the Cobra Stinger in my pocket.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Full and exact text of an email I got last week:

hi mam im lloking for 24/7 servitude

I am filled with emotion by this email. The care, the crafting, the raw human effort – it’s breathtaking. What can I think but that this person would bring exactly this much sincerity and dedication to my service? How can I resist such a passionate entreaty?

But no – am I worthy? Humble dominatrix that I am, am I truly, truly worthy of such painstaking servitude and towering devotion? Stay your hand, Matisse. Your time to accept such a one as this has not yet come. In fact, it may never come.

I am at peace with that.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I've spent most of this week doing things no decent person should do. Yay! I haven't used that super-evil paddle yet, but I did use my new electric toy, the Cobra Stinger extensively. I have flogged, restrained, pierced, spanked, penetrated, zapped, pinched, and teased until the cows came home. It's good to be me.

Want to see a few pictures? Okay. But doooooooon't go look if pictures of needles through nipples or peni in peril flip you out. Really. These are up close and personal.

All right, don't say I didn't warn you...

Clamped and pierced. (Putting the chopsticks on like that is not only sadistic fun, but it holds the nipple taut, so it's easier to get the needle through, even if there's already a lot of scar tissue in there.)

And: Pink lingerie, and a really, really big sound. Not the audible kind. (Although he does make some nice noises when I put it in.) Seriously, this thing is hefty. Urethral sounds start out being about as big around as a barbeque skewer - 3mm or so. This one is about as big as my finger - 12 mm, I believe. And ribbed for her pleasure, no less!
When the sweet nasty boy who's recieving it in the picture brought it to me, I looked at it and, "You have got to be kidding me. You could club seals with this thing."
"Oh, it'll fit," he assured me.
"Wait, you've already tried it, haven't you?"
"Do I look crazy? I wouldn't give it to you if I hadn't made sure."
Smart man.

Oh, and - the new column: Not Too Emo

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Not Writing

I’m not feeling particularly creative this week. Or perhaps I should say that all my creative energy is being channeled into my (many) sessions. That’s a win for my clients, because while I’m always good at what I do, I am just burning down the house in my dungeon these last few days. I am in the zone, baby – the kink zone.

I like the way that feels for its own sake, and it’s intensely gratifying to me when I can leave a trail of wrung-out, panting, exhausted – but happy - men in my wake. I feel like a force of nature.

But I’m not feeling much like writing. Sorry.

Plus I’m sad to learn that Molly Ivins died. That really sucks.

Maybe I’ll take some pictures tomorrow – I predict I will have ample photo-fodder – and post them in lieu of really writing. I’m sure I’ll get back to my usual rhythm soon, though…