Friday, May 18, 2007

I was going to write a long-ish post about this lesbian porn movie premier that Monk and I attended Wednesday night, because it was an interesting experience on several levels: social, political, sexual, professional…

But it’s been a busy few days, and that seems like too much effort right now. So I’ll talk about that next week…

Meanwhile, let’s talk about something simple, like shopping. (The rest of this post is all about fashion stuff, if that bores you, click away now...) I need some summer clothes and lucky me, I have some money put aside for that. Two weeks ago, Armani handed me a very sweet card and said, “I know you’ve been wanting to do some shopping – this is for you, to spend on you.” Inside the card was, well, enough to do a very substantial amount of retail therapy! Thank you, Armani, you do spoil me.

But I have not had a free afternoon to actually hit the stores, until now. (Admittedly, I have been scoring some stuff on eBay. Some brand-new David Kahn jeans, really nice, for about a third of what they go at Nordstrom, and a Wolford t-shirt style dress.)

But I want some summer sandals, maybe something like this, and some shorts, and some short sleeved t-shirts.

And okay, a dress. Or two. I like dresses. And I’m really trying to restrain myself from buying this one, because it’s more than I need to spend on one item, and it’s not exactly a dress you could wear all summer long, is it? I mean, without people noticing. But the colors are so pretty…

It’s hard to find dresses to my exact taste. What I really want is something in a sleeveless or tank-style, in clear jewel tones, in a sleek knit, or something sheath-like, with princess seams. I know those big shapeless baby-doll things are in fashion at the moment, but forget it, I am not spending all this time at the gym to just wear a sack. (Some empire-waists work on me, it depends on the cut.)

I’ll also have to go get humid over the David Yurman case in Nordies. Of course, there are some other nice designers there too - Lagos and Judith Ripka do lovely things. But I like the way David does diamonds and white metal. I didn't care very much about jewelry until just recently, but now that I'm wearing it, I like it. (Armani, I think this your fault.)

Since I am going to Shibaricon next week, the evil imp in me is so incredibly tempted to buy – and wear – this dress. But I’m sure that would be rude of me. Really. Plus, someone might take me seriously, and that would just be… bad. I am not a kimono girl!

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