Friday, February 10, 2006

An unexpected editorial decision on The Stranger’s part means my column-that’s-going-to-piss-people-off is actually up on the website now, instead of next week, as originally scheduled.

(The downside to that is it means this particular column will never see ink, which is a bummer. I’m told that in two weeks I should be reliably back in the print version, so keep your fingers crossed about that.)

So I will now prepare to be flamed in absentia on rope-bondage lists and boards nationwide. Good thing I wasn’t planning on attending Shibaricon anyway, they'd probably lynch me.

Also: What you can see in this week's Stranger is a picture of Miss Candy, who’s deservedly been named one of Seattle’s Sexiest People. The website photo is badly overexposed and doesn’t nearly do her yumminess justice, though. The pic in the print version is better, albeit black-and-white. And really, real life is the only way to truly experience her.

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