Monday, February 13, 2006

Notable Events of Late

A client I’ve only met once before told I seemed “driven”. He meant it nicely, and I took it so. But it stuck in my head for some reason. Driven? Am I? What does that mean? I do say of myself that I’m like a shark – for me, to stop swimming is to die. Maybe that’s what being driven is. It's an interesting way of thinking about myself.


Roman and I went and bought a new bed together. We both have beds at our respective homes, of course, that we share with our primary partners. But the good thing about me having a dungeon of my own is that it provides a space for us to be when we spend time together. So this bed will live in a special room at my place, to be used on our dates. (I did have a bed already, but it was getting rather old and it's been due to be retired, so to speak.)

I’ve never bought a bed from a department store. Being a bargain-conscious girl, I’ve always gone the warehouse-store route when I was bed shopping. But Roman has had good dealings with Macy’s, so off we went. We lay on all the beds, and I giggled a lot. I think we were both sort of oddly nervous. Neither of us have ever done something like this – meaning, buy a piece of furniture – with a secondary partner.

Observation on bed-shopping number one: Having a creepy-looking salesman stare down at you while you roll around on a bed is, well...creepy. We kept trying to shoo him off, but he’d just stand there, staring at us with this gaze that somehow managed to combine bovine sloth with a serial-killer-like blankness.

Observation number two: It’s amazing how intimate I am with Roman in some ways, and yet there’s still so much to learn about him. Watching someone move through a business transaction – and a fairly large financial expenditure – you just see a whole different side of them than you do at say, The Wet Spot or when you’re alone together. It’s interesting.

After we’d made a choice and were making arrangements for delivery, I thought to myself: Great, now Creepy Salesguy knows my name and address, too.

Then Creepy Salesguy wanted to sell us the extended warranty. “So you know, if you’re having a romantic evening and you spill red wine on the mattress, we’ll either come clean it or give you a new one free.”

I did not like this guy looking at me as I rolled around on a bed, and definitely didn’t like him looking at me and speculating about my romantic evenings. Ew. I considered saying, “You know, on our bed, it’s more likely to be blood. Your warranty cover that?” But I decided I didn’t want to get into it.

So, god willing and the creek don’t rise, the bed will be delivered Wednesday. Another poly landmark that Roman and I – with the support of Mrs. Roman and Max – have successfully negotiated.

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