Friday, May 20, 2005

Today is Friday, and thus, the new column and the Kink Calendar are up. Seems the Stranger site has gotten an overhaul, don't be startled that it looks different.

The play last night, "Bach at Leipzig", was good. I can see why it's been called wordy, but I don't mind a bit of repetition as long as they say it funny, and they did. But that's just me - most of the time, if it's got guys wearing ruffled shirts and powdered wigs, I'm down with it.

A few other items of information and entertainment...

This looks like someplace I'd like to visit. Banya 5, an urban spa and health facility.

Entertaining rant about BDSMers by a guy whose viewpoints often (though not always) line up with mine. So naturally he must be right.

Wired's take on porn workers blogs.

The perils of bondage on the first date.

Oh, some of those moves look so familiar..The Virtual Stripper.

And lastly, prompted by nothing in particular: The LLC III BDSM vs Abuse statement.

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