Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

From the mailbag...

… I know you must be very busy and your time very precious to you, but I plead with you to please listen to my plight.
I am an 18 year old white male who grew up and is still living in Kansas. Just to give you an idea of who you are talking to. I am about 6'3" and weigh about 145. I have brown hair, my eye color is blue, green, or a mix in between, depending on the day, and I am married with no kids. I have had an extreme passion and lust for bdsm since I was a little boy, but thought I was just a freak until my early teenage years when I started to discover a few things on the internet. Then I realized that the emotions and desires I have aren't experienced only by me. Then I got married to a wonderful, gorgeous wife that loves me immensely. However, she doesn't share my feelings towards bdsm at all. I don't think I can live without it.

So far, this is a very typical email for me to get. That doesn't mean I necessarily believe anything it says is true, you understand. For example, no way do I think the writer is really just 18. But it doesn't matter, since it's already obvious that he's not a potential client. I'm just reading it for the entertainment value.

So, I've been looking for somebody that is very familiar with the bdsm world who would like to make a very small money investment that is 100% guaranteed to return to them 10 times whatever they spend on the investment.

Oh, now this is different. He is starting to sound a bit like one of those Nigerian email scammers.

The investment is to come to Kansas and take me to their home where I would be their slave 24/7/365 truly to be used in any way my owner desired whether it be chores around the house/yard or of the intimate nature or both, whatever the owner wants.

I've been to Kansas, and I can see why he wants to leave. But I wonder if I'd have to dress up like a witch?

Of course I wouldn't be able to get a job at that point because I would be considered missing due to the "kidnapping".

What? Oh, this is nice. He doesn't think he can live without BDSM, but he wouldn't be willing to actually take responsibility for leaving his wonderful, gorgeous wife that loves him immensely. He thinks I should put myself in the way of seeming to commit a felony – a federal crime, you'll note, since I'll be taking him across state lines – to have him as my slave. Not to mention the small matter of completely supporting him…
But wait, it gets better.

The owner's part of the investment is just to pay for and arrange for a full male to female sex change on me. Which consists of hormonal treatment, electrolysis, sexual reassignment surgery, breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery, voice surgery, adams apple shave, and labiaoplasty. Which comes to a total of 10,000 to 30,000 dollars spread out over about a 2 to 3 year period depending on where you go to get the operations done. Of course it would have to be only the best surgeons in order for me to not look like some science experiment afterwards.

Wow. The grandiose sweep of it - it's kind of breathtaking, isn’t it? I've had some amazingly bizarre offers in my time, but this ranks right up there at the top. This guy puts every gold-digger I have ever known in the shade as far as sheer gall is concerned. "Hi, I'd like you to remove me from my presently boring life, take me into your home, feed, clothe and house me, and fulfill my sexual fantasies. In return for this, I will fold laundry and weed the yard - when I'm not in bed recovering from my many expensive surgeries, that is, during which time I'll need to waited on hand and foot. Oh wait, I can't go outside and weed the yard, Mistress, because my picture is on a milk carton! Sorry…"
He also gets a prize for The Least-Researched Sexual Fantasy. Thirty grand for all the male-to-female sex reassignment surgeries he mentions? Yeah, maybe in Thailand, where I understand it's something of a small industry. But for "only the best surgeons" in the US, it would cost way more than that. And besides, you cannot "arrange" for someone else to have anything like this done. The person in question has to see therapists and get letters for the surgeons - there are all kinds of bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

Once I am completely female I would first go and become a citizen of the U.S. in my new body and begin modeling for porn sites. I yearn so much to be used like that and tortured on porn sites.

And how, pray tell, does he think he's going to change his identity from male to female without someone looking at his existing paperwork and saying, "Hey, are you that guy who got kidnapped in Kansas?" He seems to think he's going to get a new birth certificate or something.
He also seems to think he's somehow guaranteed to wind up looking like Jenna Jameson. Now, I've met some tranny girls who were very beautiful. And I've met some who…weren't. They can do great things with cosmetic surgery these days, but bone structure, for example, cannot be drastically altered.

I would continue to be a slave of my owner for the period it would take to pay back 10 times whatever it cost to do all the things involved in changing my gender. All of my income would go directly to my owner until I payed my owner back completely upon which time I am free.

It's sort of medieval, isn't it? Indentured servitude. I haven't bothered to actually run the numbers for what kind of money he's talking about here, but I have a feeling it would take a looooooong time for him to pay me ten times what he owed me for everything.

I bet you here schemes like this all the time. You being such a beautiful lady and so sensible and intelligent.

Oh, no, honey, you are quite unique, I assure you. And yes, I am sensible and intelligent. They say opposites attract.

I just wish it could not be a dream, but become a reality. I would be very obliged to receive your advice on my situation. Is something like what I want even possible? I am so anxious to hear from you, but I am patient at the same time.

So I read all this, I laughed disbelievingly, I forwarded it to Max, listened to him laugh from his office down the hall, and then I put it in my "Wacko Emails" folder and dismissed it from my mind. People like this are getting off on sending their fantasies out into the world, and they don't really expect an answer.
But here's the kicker – this guy actually wrote me again about a week later, asking me if I'd had time to consider his offer!
I didn't respond to that one either.
He wrote again!
Amazing. Simply amazing. So I sent him a one-line "No thank you" email, and I haven't heard back from him.
So if you're a wonderful, gorgeous woman in Kansas and you're missing a husband, don't call me.

Monday, September 06, 2004

An encouraging quote from a gentleman calling himself Sir William...

There are 2,500,000 people in the Seattle metro area. Of those, 10% are alternative. Of those 250,000 alternative people 10% are attractive. Of those 25,000 attractive alternative people certainly at least 10% are in the mood for fooling around. That should leave you with 2,500 potential playmates.

Perhaps I should have this printed on the back of the business cards for my (entirely mythical!) match-making business.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

It's incumbent upon me, as a highly visible representative of the BDSM community, to remember to be tolerant – in public, at least - of other people's way of expressing their kink. I will not always understand it or agree with it, but it's important to try to give them the respect I want for myself.

But my god, this kind of thing really makes me want to hurl.

The Submissives Prayer
allow me the strength to answer questions i cant fathom,
allow me the spirit to know His needs,
allow me the kindness to choke back retorts,
allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace,
allow me the love to show Him myself,
allow me the tenderness to comfort Him,
allow me the light to show U/us the way,
allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him,
let me show Him each day, my love of my service to Him,
let me open myself up to completely belong to Him,
let my eyes show Him the same respect, whether i sit at His side, or kneel at His feet.
let me accept my punishment with grace of a woman,
let me learn to please Him beyond myself.
I found this on a male-dom BDSM discussion list. (Hence the capitalized male pronouns and the "with grace of a woman" line.) The woman who posted it thought it was, "so beautiful and so true". I was polite and did not say that to me, this looks like nothing so much as a codependents to-do list. I always try to be polite in other people's spaces.

But this is my space, so: Jesus H, what the fuck with this kind of shit? The Submissives Prayer? This reads like something composed by Phyllis Schlafly for the Southern Baptist Convention. They could engrave it on little lacquered plaques and sell them at church socials.

And to whom, exactly, are we praying? There seems to be an eerie kind of fluidity in perception here – it almost reads like the dominant is god. That's fucking spooky.

No one on the list in question responded with a prayer for dominants, which I found significant. Although now that I think about it, I'm sure someone could compose one of those that I'd find equally appalling.

Look, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be kind and serene and tender and respectful. Those are all good traits to bring to any relationship - when they're used wisely.

And while it's not my bag, I know a few people who are engaged in a relationship where one person considers themselves to be owned by the other, and that's how they like it.

But for a submissive/slave to afford their dominant this god-like status…well, I don't think that's generally healthy.

I'm a pervert, people - a big ol' sexual pervert. I do nasty things to people because it makes me wet. There is no other good reason to do BDSM. This sickly-sweet little paean sounds like it was written by someone who was desperately trying to pretty up and smooth over the sticky sexual reality of what BDSM is about by making it sound like some kind of personal-growth regimen. But I sure as hell don't want anyone praying to me, the idea of anyone praying about me makes me extremely uneasy, and I think the notion of anyone praying to be a better pervert is just fucking weird.

Postscript: an alert reader has turned up a webpage with a very similar version of the above "prayer" with a copyright on it. Being the respectful artist that I am, I will now note that here - Author: Screamer © 1996

Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Naked Truth

It'll come as shock to you all, I know – but in truth, it must to be said: Roman is actually not a well-behaved submissive.

That shouldn't come as a surprise to me, considering he's not really bottomed to anyone before. And considering that while he usually displays the breezy self-confidence of Bill Clinton, his overall respect for convention seems to hover around the Jim Carey level.

So I really need to remind myself of all this when I'm setting up a scene where it's my turn to top him. You see, there's a skill that every socially active dominant should have at their fingertips, and that is the art of the Playfully Threatening Remark. The Playfully Threatening Remark can be just a line that you toss off to someone you're flirting with, or it can be something you say to someone when you're setting up an actual play date. Context and tone of voice are key to the perfect delivery of The Playfully Threatening Remark.

Examples of the Playfully Threatening Remark:
"Oh, you really shouldn't bend over like that unless you mean it."
"You don't have to get undressed in front of anyone else for a couple of days, right?"
"I wonder how long you could hold your breath under water?"

Now, a Good and True Submissive responds to Playfully Threatening Remarks with appropriate levels of pleasant trepidation and wiggly nervousness. The level will obviously be slight if it's just some offhand teasing among casual acquaintances. But it is my considered opinion that the level of respect for even a Playfully Threatening Remark should be a little higher when, say, you're asking a woman who is well known for being a nasty, vicious sadist, "What time should I be there for our date, and is there anything special I should do/bring/wear?"

Roman seems to be of a different opinion about this. When he asked me that question, I took a leaf from Mel Brookes' script and replied, "Don't wear anything…complicated."
"Yeah. Oh, and maybe you should tell your wife to write your name and address on a note and pin it to your clothes, in case you're so fucked up afterwards you get lost trying to find your way home. Mwah hah hah hah haaaaa!"

Clearly a Playfully Threatening Remark. Roman should have showed up wearing button-fly jeans, a T shirt and an appropriately nervous expression.

But no.

The night of the date: Right on time, the doorbell rings. I stride over, boots thumping intimidatingly on the wooden floor, throw open the door, and what do I find on my porch?

Roman. Wearing a pair of black boots, and a black knee-length cape. And that's all.

Oh, except for a huge how-could-anyone-not-think-I'm-cute? grin. "You said not to wear anything complicated!"

It's really hard to maintain an appropriately Mistress-y demeanor when you're cracking up laughing. It's also hard to establish an erotic power imbalance by staying clothed while making someone else strip down, when they show up already naked.

"Oh, and look at my ass!" I'd planned on doing that anyhow, so I did. Written neatly in black felt-tip pen on Roman's left butt cheek is the instruction -

If Found Please Return To:
…followed by his name and address.

I think you've all heard the term "smartass" before? This was a whole new level of smartass.

So, that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am quite certain that Roman is not a Good Submissive. And I would know, because I'm actually not a Good Submissive myself…

Oh…and we did have an absolutely fabulous time. Did I mention that?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Jam packed day today – first, the Steve O interview and then a fast draft of the material, then I have a session with a client, followed by a quick meeting with my kinky carpenter – it's time for some new dungeon furniture – and then dash home to edit and polish the Steve O piece, then later, a date with Roman that I've been looking forward to…

So I'll probably be out till god-knows-when being decadent with him, and get about four hours sleep before I get up early Friday morning to do a once-over on the Steve O piece and send it off the The Stranger. And then I get to see one of my favorite clients, Milo, and then I go to dinner with Max and another couple we know, and after dinner I go off to meet Miss K at the Wet Spot women's party, because she's in cruising mode, and I'm there to offer her my immoral support.

And Max and I are planning to go out to the Wet Spot campout for the afternoon on Saturday, but you know, he may have to carry me, because just looking at that all-fun-stuff-but-majorly-busy schedule makes me a little limp.

I can see my future, and it involves several cans of Rock Star energy drink…

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Meeting of the Minds
The good people at The Stranger have asked me to write a piece about crazy-ass performance artist/stuntman Steve O, former star of the MTV show, "Jackass", who's doing a show here on the 9th. They think, as someone who also enjoys doing physically intense stuff, that I'd bring a special POV to it.

I'm now researching this guy as fast as I can, because I've never seen him perform, and in fact, I'd never heard of him until this came up. But from what I'm seeing on the web, he seems to be a rather interesting fellow…And his publicist is overnighting me a DVD of his, so that should educational.

So, my question is: is Steve O a masochist? I mean, the shit he does to himself – or has other people do - wow, it's pretty extreme. Most BDSM people I know would not do most of his stunts. (Including me, for the record.)

However, one of his most well-publicized stunts is him stapling himself – specifically, he staples his scrotum to his leg. I do know a few folks who engage in, as they call it, erotic stapling. (That's a phrase you don't hear every day, isn't it?) I wonder if Steve O would let someone else staple him, or he prefers to stay in control of that? I did find an interview with him where he mentions having Gen from the Genitorturers help him nail his scrotum to his thigh. I wonder if he liked that?

I'm doing a phone interview with him tomorrow at noon – so stay tuned for updates on that…