Monday, November 22, 2004

A little linky goodness for you….

If you didn't already, go read my column…This week's topic: Poly Conventional Wisdom.

Another Seattle blogger thinks about porn movies…

Politically, I must be a something of a centrist, because I've been reading this blog and it all seems pretty reasonable to me.
…Although there are some interesting things on this more liberal Seattle blog, too. – "a searchable database for all Kink Friendly and Kink Aware businesses, professionals and web sites worldwide." Looks a bit embryonic as yet, but I like the idea.

If you're a single guy who's thinking about going to a swinger's club, Monk has some words of wisdom for you…

Oh, and check this out - here's what you get if you transpose a few letters while typing in this URL. I'm not sure whether to be flattered or terrified that these people evidentally think I'm important (Evil? Satanic?) enough to warrant setting up this page. (Thanks to Chris for sending me this...)

News Flashes...In two week, The Stranger is going to start publishing a sexy-events calendar, and I'm going to be writing it. That means, if you're producing a public sexually-oriented event, you should drop me a note and tell me all about it.

And speaking of sexy events, there is going to be a fetishy party at The Rebar on Nov 30th, with Dane Ballard and The Stranger Lustlab. (This is the same guy who interviewed me back in October.) I'm still a little fuzzy on what, exactly, the show consists of, but I'll be there, The Twisted Monk will be there tying people up, Lustlab is giving stuff away, and Dane will be talking dirty. More info on this as I get it, but mark your calendars.

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