Friday, September 10, 2004

Politics, Sex, Food, Silliness, and A Public Service Announcement

Oh, this is kinky: Bush Feels OB-GYNs Are Kept From 'Practicing Their Love'.

An impressive diatribe from Garrison Keillor about the Republican party.

A good article about legalizing prostitution from, of all places, The Economist.

Monk is looking for San Francisco restaurant recommendations...

If you've ever read any of the John Norman "Gor" book, and you haven't read this, you must. You really, really must. But don't drink anything while you do, because you'll spit it all over your keyboard. Houseplants Of Gor!

On a serious note...This week I got the second in a series of injections to vaccinate me against hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Like HIV, both these strains of hepatitis can be sexually transmitted, they are very serious diseases, and they can be fatal. And unlike HIV, which is a pretty fragile virus and can't survive for long outside a human body, the hep viruses are very hardy and can live outside someone's body for a long time and still infect someone.

The good news is that they are both entirely preventable. I'm getting the shots specifically because a) I have more than one sexual partner, and b) I touch other people's bodies as part of my job. I think anyone who falls into either of those categories should go, without delay, and start the series themselves. Even if you do just recreational BDSM - not sex - with a lot of different people, you should get vaccinated, especially if you you do bloodsports. In fact, I think everyone should seriously consider getting this done. Look at it this way: unless you have a specific medical contraindication, why would you not? Hep isn't just sexually transmitted - you can catch it from a foodhandler's unwashed fingers. Why take a chance if you don't have to? I procrastinated about doing this way too long, and I'm glad I'm taking care of it now. (Thank you, Max, for continuing to nag me about this, and setting me a good example by doing it yourself.)

Here are some links to more info about hepatitis, and about how to get vaccinated. Please, please, protect yourselves...

About Hepatitis A
FAQs about Viral Hepatitis B

Low-cost vaccination in King County If you live elsewhere, please contact your primary care physician or the local health department.

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