Saturday, September 11, 2004

I'm rather busy this weekend - and I don't mean I'm doing housework, or writing, or visiting elderly shut-ins for charity. I mean I am having a weekend of nasty, kinky sexual decadence, and oooh, I got off to a great start last night. (Roman, there seems to be a broken clothespin in my bed. Would you know anything about that?)

So, perhaps I'll talk more about that later, but now I have only a very short time before my next date, and much to do.

But I did run across something I know all of my regular readers will appreciate. When I read it, I felt so…validated. Not that I'm especially needing that, but it’s nice when you read something and think to yourself,"Yes, my sister, yes! I'm not the only one who gets the freaks with no money!"

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