Monday, March 29, 2004

Well, I'm back, and I had a very good time at Kinkfest. My workshop went well, and BDSM author/activist Patrick Califa attended it and complimented me on it afterwards, which was really nice for me. So yay for that...

Of course, I'm exhausted, both mentally and phsyically. That's pretty par for the course after a weekend-long conference. But I've got to try to organize myself for my week, which promises to be a busy one. For one thing, my partner is teaching back-to-back suspension bondage workshops at the Wet Spot this weekend and I'm going to be helping him prep for that.

And now I need to go start a rough-draft for my column. Oy. I'm telling myself if I work for an hour and a half, then I can go curl up in bed with my cat and read something fluffy and unchallenging, because that's what I'd really like to be doing.

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