Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sunday is not a day of rest around here...I need to pay some bills online (I love that, so convenient), shovel out the pile of papers that's completely masking my desk, and try to do something about the many stacks of books on the floor that have turned simply walking into my office into an obstacle course.
I love books. No, I mean I really love books. And I have way, way too many of them. Every inch of wall space in my office is covered with floor-to-ceiling bookcases, they're all jammed full, and there are two large plastic storage boxes overflowing in a corner, and then there are several knee-high stacks against one side of my desk. If we have another earthquake, anyone standing in the room directly downstairs from my office will buried in my books as the ceiling caves in.

And this even after I just unloaded three good-sized boxes on Half Price Books earlier this week. (Of course, I bought another armful while I was there, but hey, it was substantially fewer than I came in with!)

I'm going to have to start storing some of my books in my office at the studio, but...I like having all my books with me all the time. I'm weirdly...I don't know - sentimental? Superstitious? Something. I mean, what if I'm home and I want to read one of them and it's at the studio? What if there was a fire? I know, this makes no sense. It's bibliomania. But hey, there are worse addictions to have. Like, say, teddy bears. Or unicorn figurines. That would be terrible...