Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Interesting new experience today: I went to one of those tanning salons where they have the booths the spray self-tanner on you. I've done self-tanners at home before, but I've wanted to try this, and since I'm going to be prancing around in skimpy outfits -or less - this weekend, I thought now would be a good time to check it out.

The setup had a slightly kinky feel to it…you go into a room with a big metal booth it. You take off all your clothes, obviously, and step into this steel box and shut the door. You have to position yourself exactly so, and then you push a button that activated this row of nozzles. They rotate up and down, spraying a fine mist of chemicals for (I think) about thirty seconds. Then it pauses, and you turn your back to the nozzles, and then they spray your back.
The bad part: It's cold as shit, for one thing, and I was also trying to hold my breath as much as I could, so I inhaled as little of the chemical as possible. And of course I'm trying to stay in position properly so I don't get streaks or white patches. The noise of the machine is kind of loud and it reverberates around in the metal booth. So it's kinda creepy.

But I'm pleased with the results…It looks nice and even and not orange-y at all. (One small note to self: next time, lean forward slightly when getting your back sprayed, so you don't get faint white patches under your butt cheeks.)

And while self-tanners never look quite as good as a real tan, this won't turn my skin to leather and give me cancer. Unless I inhale too much of it.

Cool self-tanner resource for other vain types like me..Sunless: Your Sunless Tanning Guide

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