Saturday, February 21, 2004

So, I've kind of been lying around the house like a lazy cat all day, because I was out til 4am last night after performing at Club Medusa...I had beautiful victims in Jae, Jane Duvall and another lovely girl, and my friend Malixe got some pictures of us. It's all just slap and tickle, really, but the crowd seems to enjoy it. The show went okay, til I was doing the 3rd and final set with Jae, and a security guy jumped up onstage and said, "Stop, stop, the Liquor Board is here!"
Whoops...See, it's a violation of a liquor license to do stuff like "flagellation" in a bar. (That means no flogging or spanking, among other things – and if you'd like to know what else you can't do in a bar in Washington, go here.)
So that was the end of that, which was actually fine with me. I got dressed and went to breakfast with Max and Jae and a handful of folks at Minnie's, and came home and crashed. Really, the older I get, the less I like noisy smoky bars full of stupid drunk people. I'm such a curmudgeon.
Tonight my sweetie is out to dinner with a buddy, and I'm home being blissfully quiet and alone. Mmmnnnn….

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