Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Damn...talked to The Stranger and they don't want to sponsor any more events til May. Bummer.

Okay - Plan B: Talk to Toys In Babeland and see if they're interested in doing something sooner, because I'm getting lots of plaintive little "when is the party?" emails from the original respondents.

I do understand their eagerness, but I had no idea I'd get so many responses! I thought I'd get, oh, a dozen or so, and I'd vet them a little and them just add them on to a smallish cocktail party at my house.
But I'm not about inviting close to one hundred strangers into my home, no way. (Let alone footing the bill for such a party.)

So, I'm trying to get some corporate cash to pay for a private room and some cocktail nibbles at some queer-friendly bar/restaraunt. (People can buy their own drinks!)
Let's see how I do with the second pitch.

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