Friday, February 27, 2004

I'm pissed off tonight, because I found a website with stolen pictures of me on it...It's certainly not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I've done a fair amount of erotic/nude modeling and some of those pictures are on the web - either on my sites, or on the sites of the photographer. That's where they belong. But these lame-ass, no-account, shit-for-brains wanna-bees see my pictures, think they're cool, and STEAL them to use on their own little rinky-dink site!

I know, I know: I should take it as a compliment, it's not really hurting anything...yeah yeah, I've heard all that, and I'm not buying it. Image thieves really, really piss me off. Models and photographers invest time, money, and energy in producing a good image, and then some little twerp thinks all they have is right-click and it belongs to them?

Oh, and here's a topper: this particular chick is using a picture of me in such a way that it suggests it's a picture of HER. In her dreams. Grrr...

I wrote her a email, which I have had no response to, and dropped a note to the photographer, the uber-fabu Tommy Edwards, and he's all over it. So we'll see what happens...Fucking stealing!

My thanks to Jae for pointing out the thief to me....and then, afterwards, for coming over, bringing me strawberries, and giving me a really wonderful massage. I'm sure it lowered my blood pressure significantly. You rock, Bobcat.

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