Friday, February 27, 2004

Got a note back this morning from the image thief saying: gee, she didn't know who the photographer was, so she had no way of getting permission to use it. The implication being that she wasn't at fault, but that the photographer had somehow failed in HIS responsibility. Amazing. I know that Tommy has sent her an email, so I hope he tears her a new one. Or sends her a bill.

On a more pleasant note, Jae and I are going to go see a play that's (supposedly) about BDSM tonight, called "Mama Don't Hurt Me So Bad". I admit I have reservations. One sees so few accurate representations of BDSM in popular culture.
But it'll be fun to hang with Jae. She might also have either a) her current male part-time lover or b) her current female sometimes-lover come along too. One never knows with Jae, which is, I suppose, part of her charm.