Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Busy Girl...

I'm tired tonight - I had a busy day, first dealing with lots of daily-daily life stuff (the car needs an oil change, FedEx off this package, make appointments for X, Y and Z).

And then I had a three hour session with a client - with dinner afterwards. I very, very rarely go out to dinner (or anything else) with clients. I know other sex workers who do this all the time, but usually I'm just not that comfortable with it.

But this particular client books a lot of time with me, and that counts for something. And he's also an intelligent and pleasant person generally. So while I wouldn't want to make a habit of it, dinner was very nice.

It's looking like a busy week - I've already got just about all of my available client-time booked up through Friday, and Friday night I'm doing a show at Club Medusa. So I'm guessing by Saturday I'll be pretty wiped out.

I just yawned an enormous yawn...so I think I'll go to bed, right now...

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