Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A slightly late Wednesday post... I'm having a nice, mellow time at my father's place out on Tybee Island. Every time I come out here, I think I need to come here in say, January, and rent one of beachfront condos that otherwise sit vacant all winter. And spend two weeks or so writing for eight hours every single day, no distractions. There's not a lot to do on Tybee in the winter, which is perfect. I'd go have dinner at Dad's restaurant every night, bundle up and walk on the beach a bit, but otherwise, sit at the computer and hammer out... all the stuff I'd like to hammer out.

But I'm pleased to be heading home tomorrow. I fly from Savannah to Atlanta, and then I have about five hours to kill before my flight to Seattle. That's a long time to hang out at the airport, even with WiFi. I'm seriously considering getting in a cab and going to up Lenox Mall to do a little shopping. (Or maybe I'd take MARTA, although I'm not familiar with the system.)
It's either that or I find a Gold's Gym and get in a workout. Exercise versus retail, that's a tough one...

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