Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A new podcast! Monk and I read a letter from a woman who asks, "What qualifies someone as kinky?" Then Monk and I address that, and then joke a bit about how East Coast people think too much. Next letter: a man asks me about seeing pro dommes, and Monk and I talk about a kink scene as compared to cooking. Monk talks about his own experiences as a professional dominant. About fifteen minutes.

Monk and I need to go record some more episodes, this is the last one in the chute. So if you have long and complex questions about BDSM or sex work or polyamory or quantum mechanics* or the global economy**, and you're okay with some kidding, write us. We may read your letter on the air and give you the benefit of whatever wisdom/sarcasm we possess.

*Well, not really. I mean, you could ask us, but...

** Okay, definitely not. Unless it's something I could answer by quoting you an article in The Economist.

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