Monday, July 21, 2008

Someone was remarking to me lately how I should write a book. Which is very flattering, but not in the cards right now. I've talked about my reasoning on that subject before. And really, I just don't see how I'd ever have time.
Sometimes it sort of stuns me, though, when I look back and see that I've been blogging for over four years now. There's a lot of stuff here! Some of it's just random bits of trivia, but some of it bears re-linking. Thereupon, without further ado, The Best Of (The Last Couple Months Of) Mistress Matisse's Blog.

Nazi Play
S/he's A Lady
The Bank Job
Bad Approach
The Bra-Fitter
D/s And Relationships
Must One Bottom Before Topping?
My Wedding Photos
Getting Your Partner Into Kink
And, my favorite: What Not To Say - The "Puffy" Man.

And from the dusty vaults: Older Greatest Hits

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