Monday, May 19, 2008

I was so busy last week I forgot to post the link to the newest column. So, a little belatedly, here it is: all about my orgasms.


I wanted to say a public thank you to loyal reader Van. Van is someone who always had something interesting to say about what I’d written, and when I decided to go comment-less, he missed that feature so much that he spent time and effort creating a message board where people could post comments and discuss this blog. That was very sweet of him and I was touched by that.

But for some reason, it never really took off. Neither of us is sure why. But since it was really not being utilized, it’s been taken down. Requiescat in pace, Matisseans Board.

Still, I’m grateful to have readers like Van. I’ve never met him in person, and since he lives in another country, I probably never will. But he’s a cool guy who made the effort to create what he wanted, and I always respect that.

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