Friday, April 04, 2008

A picture from a private Kinkfest after-party, with Hannah and three other pals of mine. Note how Hannah is displaying her truly respectful and submissive nature for the camera. (Larger version.)

As befits her scrappy demeanor here, Hannah put up one hell of a fight, and wore out my pervy pals pretty good.

Like the sign in her mouth that says "Use Me"? That was Max's contribution. Hannah has a certain interest in - one might even say a fetish for - laminating things. It just pleases something in her to encase paper in hot plastic. So Max instructed her to go to Kinko's in the afternoon and make that sign and bring it to the party, and she did.

That looked like consent to all of us, so Max actually tied her up to a prominent spot at the party with that sign in her mouth. She didn't spit it out. A couple of people took advantage of the privilege.

Then my three friends got serious with her, tying her up, hitting her with nasty paddles, rolling her around on the carpet, and dodging her kicks and fingernails. I think the sign turned into something of a safeword - as long as she held onto it, these three knew it was a signal that the game was still on. Finally she did spit it out and say, "I'm done!" Which was good, because I think if she'd kept going much longer, they would have had to bring in a fresh team. You have to love a bottom who gives you a good workout.