Thursday, March 13, 2008

Schedule, Travel, and Bikinis…
Some notes about where I will be, and when, and why. (And some musings about the fashion requirements thereof….)
I’ve got some travel coming up, and I also just have some blocks of time already booked up. So if you’re wanting to see me in the next six weeks or so, here’s my schedule.
(Note: this was current when I hit “Publish”, but obviously I’ll get more booked as time goes by. Carpe diem.)
Monday March 17th: One appointment open, between 2-4 pm .
Tuesday March 18th: Time available.
Wednesday March 19th: Time available.
Thursday March 20th : Already booked
Friday March 21st: One appointment open, between 4-6 pm .
Monday March 24th and Tuesday March 25th : Already booked
Wednesday March 26th: One appointment open, later afternoon.
Thursday March 27th – Monday March 31st: Out of town for Kinkfest.
I’m back and available as of Tuesday April 1st.
After Kinkfest, I’m in town and have plenty of time available until April 23rd. I’ll be out of town from April 23rd to the 28th.
I’m going on a family vacation in Florida. Yes, really! And Monk is going with me, though, so that will be fun. (Wait until my mother gets a load of his tattoo, that’s going to be an interesting conversation.)
Mainly we’re just going to relax on the beach, but it turns out that Monk has never been to a theme park! Which just boggles my mind, since I’ve been to lots. So I think we’ll do a day at Disneyworld, just because it’s a cultural experience everyone should have.
I find it rather amusing that I have tons of stuff to wear for the upcoming BDSM conference, but I have nothing to wear in Florida! This is going to stun you – not - but there actually isn’t a ton of hot-weather clothing available in Seattle right now. I need some shorts and some beach sandals, and another pair of sunglasses, all of which are do-able here. But I also need a couple of bathing suits, and that’s going to be tricky. You see, my mother will be slightly-but-noticeably disapproving if I am sashaying around in a tiny thong bikini. I try to be sensitive to her views, however there is no way I’m buying one of those one-piece skirted jobs. That’s just too conservative for me. I’m going to try to split the difference and get a two-piece with a not-too-much-cleavage top and the boy-shorts type bottom. I might be able to get away with this one, it's sharp-looking, and it is a one-piece, so... Wish me luck, ladies, we all know how exasperating shopping for a bathing suit is, it’s even worse than buying blue jeans.
While I am on the subject of this trip, let me just insert two thank-you’s here. One is to Monk’s wife Tambo, who is the coolest thing in the world for being so completely fine with Monk going out of town with me. And the other shout-out is to the guy who scored me a pair of first-class airline tickets to Orlando. Flying coach down to Florida would be a level of hell that I do not wish to endure. You rock, my friend.