Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello Dear Readers…

So I decided to just write off last week, blog-wise. But let me catch you up. I did, in fact, go to Portland for Kinkfest. It was very iffy right up until the last moment. Even driving down Friday, I thought, I hope this will not prove to be a serious mistake. It was snowing, for God's sake, and I was too weak to drive, so Max was driving. I lay on the backseat and tried really hard to just not look at the road or think about the other cars or anything, because Max is a much more bold and daring driver than I am, and it makes me nervous. So the omens were not favorable. But I wasn't willing to be left at home, either.

And going turned out to be the right thing. I was pretty weak, and I'm still a little low-energy, but I've gotten steadily better all weekend, and all my pals been even more sweet and attentive to me than usual. Everyone was fetching me chairs, and getting me water, and just generally waiting on me all weekend long. I love my friends.

I did not play, I definitely did not have the strength for that. Which did not keep my pals Miss H, and Miss S, and Mr. SF, from all taunting and goading me. (Their time will come, heh. I am not going to forget a single thing any of ya'll said, and I look forward to reminding you of your remarks when I have you in more compromising positions.)

The conference itself was great as usual, although one of the presenters I was really looking forward to wound up not coming - because he got the flu. Kind of hard to hold it against him under the circumstances, but I was bummed, because he was going to do a "Sounds and Catheters" workshop and I'm always interested in hearing what other teachers have to say about that.

So in the daytime, I mainly just sat in the social area and schmoozed, and in the evening I sat in the dungeon and watched scenes and schmoozed. That's about all I was up for. But I wore my white Herve Leger dress and my new D&G shoes to the dungeon Saturday night, so I looked pretty even if I couldn't do much. I did buy a few new toys, and I did facilitate several of my friends getting to play with other of my friends, and that's always nice. I wished Monk was there, and Jae too, but otherwise it was a nice social weekend.

I also heard a story from a female pal which I will entitle, "The Single Worst Thing I Have Ever Heard Of A Man Saying To A Woman He Was Attempting To Flirt With." It's... Well, it’s just astonishingly, jaw-droppingly wrong.

But I'll tell you that tomorrow. See you in Seattle!