Sunday, February 03, 2008

Matisse's Blue Period

Shopping rant: why is it so hard to find blue lingerie? It's either black, white, beige, red or pink. Those are fine, but I've got lots of that. I want blue, people. And not pale blue or baby blue, yuck. And not turquoise, I loathe that color. Navy is a bit boring. No, it should be deep, rich sapphire blue.

Speaking of blue, I love this. Roberto Cavalli Blue Silk Minidress. And this is less drop-dead sexy, but a bit more versatile: Elie Tahari Twist Dress. Blue seems to be a theme in my retail lusts lately. Maybe I miss blue sky. Or maybe I've decided I need color in my life, and that blue is the color of choice. I tend to be obsessive about whatever catches my attention. Thus, until further notice, everything will all about the blue!

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