Friday, August 03, 2007

So I’d planned on writing something longer, but the sweet summer heat got to me and I’m being lazy.
But – I pulled from the archive an older post that stirred a lot of comments when I first wrote it, just over a year ago. Let’s see what the new kids have to say. (Or, let’s hear what the longer-term readers think about the matter one year later.)
Post comments here, though, so we don’t have to click back to read them.

Talking to strangers: eye contact and the street-corner flirtation.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The new column. I'm picking on my silly callers again.

I'm thinking of interview question to ask the brave souls who volunteered.

I'm also thinking about a new dress. Now, what I should buy is something classic and practical, like this black D&G number. The cut will flatter me, the style won't date much, and I could wear it anywhere, any season.

So why do I have an urge for this madly impractical Pucci number? But can't you just see it with thigh-high boots?