Saturday, August 18, 2007

I've decided that on weekends I'm going to post, if I feel so inclined, about fashion. So if you're just here for the kink, come back Monday.

Ladies (and metrosexual gentlemen), I need a new purse. You were all very helpful the last time I had to make such a momentous decision, and here I am again. Last year I did indeed buy a black nylon Kate Spade bag, and I've liked it. But it has to go, because it's just a shade too small. I carry so much stuff around that 13 inches across by 10 inches high is just not cutting it. The damn thing is always spilling over and when it's packed full, I can't get to anything in there. Annoying.

If Kate Spade made a slightly bigger one in the same style, I'd buy it. But she doesn't. So I've been shopping and shopping, but damn, it's hard to find what I want. The requirements are: it must be bigger than what I've got - but not too big, of course. Say, 14 or 15 inches across, and 11 or 12 inches high. It must be black, or mostly black. And it must have a single shoulder strap that goes to my waist. With short little straps, your bag is sort of bunched up under your arm, and I don't like the way that looks, especially on a not-tall woman like me. And I don't know how women deal with purses that one must hold in one's hand or at best, loop on one's elbow. I am always either carrying other stuff, or talking on my phone, or something - I need both my hands free.

I know this will come as a shock, but I really am not all that drawn to leather bags. Not plain leather anyway. Patent leather, okay - or really crinkly leather or something, maybe. But plain leather purses just always look kinda suburban to me. Like a mom purse. (I'm sure I'm going to get blowback from all you leather-bag-carrying women out there for that.) So it can't be just plain black leather.

I admit, I'm looking at pretty high-end stuff. I thought about going honestly fake. But I'm getting really spoiled for more expensive clothes, et cetera. It's not like oh, I simply have to have a designer bag, it's just.... they look nice. So I've narrowed it down to some likely options. Give me your vote:

The perfectly basic black Prada bag. It fit my requirements exactly and it goes with everything - although one risks being a fashion cliche. And the retail price tag is rather ridiculous, I'd have to find one on eBay or something. But it's the perfect size and shape. Impossible to go really wrong with this one.

Perlina Patent Leather bag. A little bigger than I really need. And the shoulder strap is a bit short. But it's pretty.

Elliot Luca Drawstring Bag. A strong contender. I could live without the tassels and I wish the hardware was silver instead of gold. But a good size and stylish without being too-too trendy.

What do you think?

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