Monday, July 16, 2007

I’m still on vacation. Monk and I are almost alarmed by how relaxed we are. At least, we would be, if we weren’t so relaxed.

We’re hanging around the beach, eating food that’s bad for us, and drinking drinks with umbrellas in them. Or rather, I am. He’s mainly drinking Mexican beer.

So far, I’ve gotten a mild sting from a jellyfish. No big deal, I’ve had worse. (But no, I did not ask Monk to piss on it.) And he has some sunburned spots on his leg where I missed with the sunscreen. But other than that, everything is going just grand. He'll be posting about it in his blog as well, so go over there if you want his take on things.

Here’s a completely non-kinky video clip of a really odd-looking creature that we learned was a horseshow crab. Ew. Looks like a prehistoric monster. Monk is convinced it’s been swimming through some nuclear waste and will quickly grow to enormous size and start eating co-eds. So if you don’t hear from us ever again, you’ll know: the Mutant Crab got us.

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