Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Day, Bad Day

The bad news: I got stood up by a client yesterday. Grrr… My instinct told me he was dodgy when he called, but I let him talk me into an appointment. An evening appointment, no less, which I rarely do. He was in from out of town, he had business meetings all day, but he really, really wanted to see me, please, please Mistress….

Oh, all right. Thus, I structured my whole day around coming back to the studio in the evening after I worked out. He even called in the afternoon to confirm. So I made the half hour drive across town from Gold’s, got dressed, got the space ready, and waited. And - he blew me off. No call, nothing. And guys wonder why I don’t make appointments with new people. Bah.

It’s an excellent reminder that I should not let my head overrule my gut instinct. This had all the earmarks of a session destined not to happen, and I just didn’t listen. Take evening appointments. One of the reasons I don’t see people late at night, in spite of being a night person, is that there is a much higher no-show rate for any appointment past eight pm. I don’t know why that’s so, but it is. (Naturally this does not apply to my good friends, who do not stand me up no matter what time we arrange to get together. I am speaking of new people, or people I’ve seen just once before.)

But the nice part of my day was my early appointment. It was with a man I hadn’t seen in some time, although for a while he’d been a good regular of mine. I always liked playing with him – he’s attractive and sweet, and our kinky tastes and style mesh well. So I was very pleased to renew our connection.

There are some delicate courtesies in my profession. If someone you haven’t seen for a while comes around again, you don’t say, “Hey, where have you been? Why haven’t you called?” The whole point is that it’s a no-strings arrangement. If he wants to tell you why he hasn't been around, he will.

So I simply told my old friend I was pleased to see him again, and wondered aloud how long it had been since we’d played.

“Three and a half years,” he responded instantly.

Longer than I thought – and goodness, wasn’t that a fast answer. I made a pleasant noncommittal remark, but arranged my face into a care-to-tell-me-more? expression.

“Well, you see – I was getting a little too attached to you,” he said. “We had such great times together, and you’re such a cool person, and… I just was thinking about you all the time.” He ducked his head a little, sheepishly. “But it’s my birthday and I really wanted to see you, so – I thought it would be okay now. And you’re just as great as I remembered you being.”

My, my – what a way to make a girl feel flattered by your absence.

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