Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fashionable Friends
Note: All photo links today are work-safe!
The women’s clothing sale/swap was last Sunday, and it was great. It was sort of what one would call a “proof of concept” event. As the hostess, I wasn’t really sure how it would all work out. I just knew I had a ton of clothes and other stuff, that while I could eBay them and probably make more money, this would be more fun.
Because it's not really about wanting a ton of money. Especially with my fetishwear, my clothes have some stories and some history to them. I have some one-of-a-kind, local-designer stuff - costumes I wore in fashion shows at places like SAM and The Showbox in the late nineties. And they don't fit me anymore, I'm smaller now. I'd like to see them go to someone who is as excited about having them as I once was. It seems like a waste to have them sit in a box in my closet.
So a dozen of my pals showed up with stuff to sell, and probably another half dozen folks came just to shop and be social, and we had a ball. It was mostly all girls. Max was hanging out, holding one cute girl’s new baby while she tried on clothes. (The baby tried some things too.) And then later a boy who looks good in women’s clothes came by, so we dressed him up a little.
But overall, it was lot of women running around in their panties (or nothing, in some cases) trying on each other’s clothes.
Observations: it’s very interesting to watch four different women, who all look different in their body shapes, all try on the same piece of clothing. There were certain garments – like a cute black jumpsuit – that more or less fit many of us, in spite of four to six inches in height differentials, and a difference of twenty pounds in weight from the smallest person to the largest.
The other interesting thing about this event: at some point, every single woman I invited made some variation of the same remark to me. “Well, there’s probably not going to be very much there that’ll fit me, because I’m so fat/thin/tall/short/busty/hippy/whatever.” Baloney. If you didn’t come because of that, you missed out. There was a variety of sizes, and even aside from clothes proper, there were awesome shoes and other accessories – I scored some rocking retro 80’s ankle boots, and some gorgeous bling at an amazing price. I am becoming such a jewelry-loving girl, and I have a weakness for the "statement" ring. They're topaz, amethyst, an art deco ring with little sapphires and a diamond, and an aquamarine. They all need to be sized down, and I’m actually thinking of getting new settings designed for the solitaires. But I got them from a friend who I trust, and that made me feel good about buying them in a way that I wouldn’t if I’d gotten them online.
So, from the biggest and tallest to the tiniest person, we all got rid of stuff we didn’t have any more use for and we all got new-to-us stuff that we’re happy with. As things wound down, we all agreed that we should do this again. Any excuse to run around in our underwear.