Monday, July 30, 2007

Another note to clients: Late July and August are traditionally slow times of year in the sex industry. (At least in Seattle.) People are away on vacation, or they’re just spending time outside while it’s sunny. So unlike most of the rest of the year, in the late summer, I am often not booked 4 or 5 days out.

Thus, if you’re a guy who can’t book far ahead and has had trouble getting in to see me because of that, this would be the time of year to call me and ask for a next-day appointment with me. *

(*I actually granted someone a same-day appointment the other day, and wouldn’t you know, I wound being sorry I had done so. But that’s a story for another day.)


I’m continuing to clean out stacked-up emails, so look for lots of letter-answering in the next few days as I wade through my “Saved Emails” file.

I have a bombshelter (in Seattle) (30 foot tunnel -cinderblock & cement- into the hill behind my house, small room, big room, complete with escape hatch), and really have no use for it. I have been considering renting it out- only real use I can think of (and friends keep suggesting) is as a dungeon. Unfortunately, I'm not into using it for that purpose myself, however, I think anyone inclined in that direction would probably get excited at the prospect. How would I go about renting it out? I would prefer to rent it to the same person(s) on a regular basis. And how much does one charge for the pleasure of a real bomb shelter?

What an interesting question. I have no idea what you should charge, but I’m sure someone would love it. What’s the square footage like? How high is the ceiling? Is it soundproof? Would you let people put in bondage furniture, or install suspension points in the ceiling? How many people do you think would fit in there at any one time?

If anyone’s interested, drop me a note and I’ll forward your email along to this bomb-shelter owner.

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