Thursday, June 07, 2007

I know, I’m not posting a lot this week, but hey, I’m way busy, getting back in the groove after being out of town. Plus, I have some additional writing to do right now, so ya’ll are getting shortchanged a bit.


So, some mundane and non-sexy stuff. Seattle people: I need a good yard person. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t need a landscape designer or anything, but I’d like more than just a guy with a mower, if you know what I mean. I could find that on CraigsList.

I admit right here that part of what I need done involves blackberry bushes. Yes. The dreaded blackberries. And just to make it even more fun, my house sits on a slope.

Before you start posting comments, be aware that no matter what you say, this will not be something I’ll be dealing with myself. These lily-white hands? No way. I will be paying someone to deal with this – that’s what I’m looking for. So, names and contact info, not strategies. Unless I can hook up a defibrillator up to the blackberries and kill them that way.

The other thing I need is a glass-repair person. And I have a resource for that, but if you're a kink-friendly professional glazier, talk to me, I have a job for you.


Fashion fans: The Herve Leger dress on eBay (see last Friday's entry) went to someone else, which is okay. It was four or maybe even five hundred dollars worth of pretty, but I'm not sure it was twelve hundred and some-odd dollars worth of pretty. So I’m not sad.

But what is very sad is that the gold and black Wolford dress seems not to exist. None of the stores have it, in the US or overseas. It's very cruel of them to tease me so. So, fine, whatever, Wolford. Michael Kors wouldn't do that to me would you, Michael? Even if I do think this cute little number is a trifle overpriced, I'm certain that Nordies would actually have it to sell it to me! (The skirt is sexy, too.)

And I like everything about this dress except the buckled straps. (Although: why is the model posed as if she has a stitch in her side?) My experience is that metal details on shoulder straps make them fall down. Now, of course I sometimes let straps slip off my shoulder just to be flirty and provocative. But only when I want them to.


Note to my boys: I’m probably going out of town from around July 10th to around July 18th.


I think that’s about I have to say. Now I must go back to work on other things…

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